The Almanac is a locally owned Bistro.

With so many local vendors and markets available to us, we are happy to utilize their products as much as we can to give you the freshest product possible. 

Our bar offers a variety of wine, craft beers and cocktails, sure to please every palate. Like our food, we like to showcase quality ingredients and deliver a well executed drink.

We believe that quality food, a great drink and some good music are key to a pleasant outing.


Bon appétit!



New Chef Mark kalynchuk, Started January 1st. 2017


picture to be updates soon. 


Mark also operates Porc Sale, a butchershop under The Almanac. 



Dominique has been working in Edmonton’s service industry for the last 9 years.  Her love of food and hosting comes from years of watching her family host beautiful and delicious dinner parties. She has worked in a few different local establishments serving and event planning, which has given her the hospitality experience she desired to open The Almanac.





I have lived and worked around Whyte Ave since leaving the University of Alberta ten years ago.  I slowly learned new product and technique with the help of the Edmonton cocktail community.  Josh opened Solstice Seasonal Cuisine in 2015 but has worked at The Almanc for the last 18 months .  I am thankful for everyone that has helped make The Almanac what it is today.